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Kikthawenund Chapter
Anderson, Indiana


Join us for a Chapter Meeting

(Members take a field trip to the Ft. Wayne Library)

The Kikthawenund Chapter welcomes all prospective members to attend a chapter meeting. Please email us for more specific information and meeting location.

All are welcome to come meet our members and learn more about the chapter and about DAR. Thank you for your interest.

8 Wednesday 9:00 East Central District Meeting
15 Wednesday 1:00* Chapter Meeting
DAR Committees
Box Lunch $10
16 Thursday 10:00 Genealogy Help
19 Wednesday 1:00 Chapter Meeting
Dennis Carroll, Constitution
20 Thursday 6:00 Evening Update
17 Wednesday 1:00* Chapter Meeting
Stephanie Ressler, District Director
25/27 Friday/Saturday Fall Forum
28 Sunday Madonna Rededication
17 Saturday 11:00* Chapter Meeting
Chris Flook, Lenape Indians
Thanksgiving Potluck
10 Thursday 7:00 Evening Update
Christmas Party
20 Wednesday 1:00* Chapter Meeting
Tichelle Hayes, Black History Month
14 Thursday 10:00 Genealogy Help
23 Saturday 11:00 Chapter Meeting
Barbara Alder, Women's Issues
17 Wednesday 1:00 Annual Business Meeting, no speaker
18 Thursday 6:00 Evening Update
15 Wednesday 11:00 May Luncheon
and Memorial Service $18
Peace Officer Speaker
17-19 Friday-Sunday Indiana State Conference
20 Thursday 6:00** Evening Update
*Afternoon and morning meets will have social time 30 minutes prior to meeting start
**Evening updates will meet at local restaurants, Dutch treat dinner,