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Kikthawenund Chapter
Anderson, Indiana

Chapter History

(Our charter has found a home in the Indiana Room at the Anderson Public Library)

On January 30, 1909, Mrs. Ella Cumback Lovett, the organizing regent, along with the help of Mrs. Frances Hay Durbin, met in the former's home and began the arduous task of forming a new chapter in the Anderson, Madison County, Indiana, area. Together they assisted an additional twenty-five women, who became members of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution and charter members of the Kikthawenund Chapter. Mrs. Durbin was the first vice-regent in 1910, and became the second regent of the chapter.

The Kikthawenund Chapter was chartered May 6, 1910.

Regent: Ella Cumback Lovett
Vice Regent: Frances Hay Durbin
Recording Secretary: Laberta E. Ellis
Corresponding Secretary: Katherine A. Chipman
Treasurer: Hannah Elizabeth Young
Registrar: Eva B. Robinson
Historian: Annie Laura May
Caroline Brady
Bell Chipman
Ollie Grace Davis
Emma Finch
Pearl Mount Green
June Marie Hendee
Mattie O. Hendee
Etta T. Hunt
Mary Banks Lingle
Lottie Mathews
Laura Frank McMillen
Belle Chipman Moore
Emeline Bradley Morgan
Rosalie A. Neff
Bertha Lingle Palmer
Louise Lovett Seabury
S. Belle Updegraff
Margaret Van Petten
Emma Williams
May Williams