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Kikthawenund Chapter
Anderson, Indiana

Chief Kikthawenund

The Chapter is named after the Chief of the Delaware Indians, their leader Kikthawenund, who often went by his Anglo nickname, Chief Anderson.

In the thirty year span from his ascension as Chief of the Delaware in 1801 until his death in 1831, Chief Anderson inspired peace and tolerance in a time of war.

Born in what is now Marietta, Pennsylvania, to a Delaware Indian mother and a Swedish father, his was given both an English name, William Anderson, and a Delaware one, Kikthawenund (which meant "creaking boughs") and would go by both his entire life.

Raised by his grandfather, Netaawatwees, who was considered a wise and intelligent chief of the Turkey Clan of the Delaware, many thought the young half-breed would grow to be the perfect leader to bridge the gap between natives and whites and bring tranquility to a relationship that had grown increasingly hostile in the years following the American Revolution.